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Q: What are the advantages of the VisualPulse Service?

A: As a hosted service, the VisualPulse service provides a number of advantage. These include:

  • 24x7 anytime, anywhere access to web site and network device availability and performance data;
  • Monitoring locations that you control -- simply download the self-extracting, self-registering agents to your own locations and begin testing;
  • Web site, application service and network availability and response monitoring from the end-user perspective;
  • No software to install or license keys to maintain;
  • No capital investment or technology risk;
  • Easy setup and hassle-free administration;
  • Scalable to tens of thousands of monitored entities;
  • Flexible subscription plans

    Q: Can I try the service before I subscribe?

    A: Yes. You may login to the service for a 7-day evaluation period. The evaluation plan allows you to configure up to 10 tests and use up to 2 remote agents.

    Q: What can I monitor with VisualPulse Service?

    A: VisualPulse Service provides continuous external measurement of web page, application port and network device (ping) response and availability. Light-weight, self-extracting monitoring agents can be deployed to customer locations and strategic network points anywhere in the world to simulate the end-user experience. VisualPulse Services is designed to monitor tens of thousands of hosts.

    Q: How often does VisualPulse Service check my web sites or devices?

    A: VisualPulse Service is configured to test your specified web pages, ports or devices every 5 minutes.

    Q: How long is data maintained?

    A: Data is maintained for a period of 30 days.

    Q: How do I know if my site is slow or unavailable?

    A: VisualPulse Service can be configured to alert of poor response or unavailable devices via email messaging. The Alert Manager provides an easy-to-use interface for configuring per-test or global thresholds.

    Q: Does the service support multiple geographic monitoring locations?

    A: Yes. Based on the subscription plan, VisualPulse Service can be configured to monitor your web pages and network devices from one or more geographic locations. Our unique, light-weight, self-extracting monitoring agents can be deployed to customer locations and strategic network points anywhere in the world to simulate the end-user experience.

    Q: How do I manage my account?

    A: After registering for a trial subscription or signing up for one of the subscription plans, you will receive a username and login to access your account. From the user control panel, you have total control over test, agent, and alert configuration and reporting options. The control panel also provides access to the subscription purchase menu so you may upgrade your plan at any time.

    Q: Can I change / upgrade my subscription plan?

    A: Yes. Simply login to your account and access your Service Plan from the Main Menu. Select the appropriate plan from the available service levels and complete the purchase. Please note that your current term will remain in effect. You will be notified of any service change fees that may be applied prior to completing the purchase.

    Q:  What if I need support?

    A: Simply submit a Support Request and we will be pleased to help you answer any questions you may have.


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